Normal Layby Service Resumed

Normal Layby Service Resumed

Delivery Service Now Ended

After making the best part of 500 deliveries throughout lockdown, we are pleased to say that Roy will be back at the layby.

Roy feels that the period of madness we encountered at the layby just before lockdown has passed and he can return to sell the remainder of his crop without worrying about long queues. He appreciates that he will not be able to chat with his customers (something he enjoys immensely) and asks everyone to respect social distancing and where possible, have the exact money or pay using contactless cards.

For the latest information on dates and times, please go to Roy's Facebook page.

Roy Plummer Potatoes

Locally Grown Vegetables

Every week Roy sources local seasonal vegetables to sell alongside his home-grown potatoes. Stock and prices vary from week to week, but we generally publish a list every Friday on Roy's Facebook page. Please like and share to let others know about where they can buy their locally sourced seasonal veg - thank you!

Contactless Payments Preferred During Corona Crisis

Roy Plummer Potatoes

For all of our protection, we would prefer contactless payment from all the above cards, but if you want to pay with cash PLEASE HAVE THE CORRECT MONEY available.

The Great Potato Roast Off!

We often get people asking which potatoes are best for roasting. So, we had a "roast off" featuring the two popular varieties sold by Roy; the red Manitou verses the white with red eyes, Picasso.

We boiled them both for 15 minutes and then roasted both for an hour and 10 minutes.

Our verdict: The Picasso were slightly fluffier but the red Manitous slightly edged it on flavour.

Why not take the challenge yourself? Pop along to Notcutts Layby, Oundle Road, Peterborough this weekend between 10am-3pm to get your spuds, and if you do take the challenge, let us know your winner

The Agria Mash Test

Since the Coronavirus lockdown started, Roy had to source some different potatoes to keep up with the crazy levels of demand. Not grown by his own hand, but from a friendly neighbour, Roy sourced some 25kg bags of a white potato called Agria.

We boiled them for about 20 minutes before mashing and adding to a cottage pie.

Our verdict: They peel well, have a good taste but don't over boil them.